Welcome to our website.

This is the place where we put information about the stuff that is important to us.  At the moment, this means cataloging some of our experiences on our extended stay in Germany.  If you are interested in that, a good place to start is in our Travelog section.  There you can find maps highlighting some the places that we’ve visited and links into our scrapbook containing pictures and thoughts of our travels.  Not all of our trips have scrapbook entries...yet.  If you are just interested in our scrapbook, checkout the Scrapbook index.  If you are planning a visit, we’ve documented some of the interesting places you can visit for a day or less in the area in the Tours section.

Stay tuned.  Over time, we’ll probably come up with other ideas.

Bonny and Dave
Maps and scrapbooks containing memories of the places we’ve visited.
Suggestions for day trips around Bondorf. The trips range from a couple of hours to a long day.
A gallery of some of our creative efforts.
Memories of our trips.