Mercedes Museum:  ˝ Day

The Daimler-Chrysler headquarters in the Bad Cannstatt section of Stuttgart is home to the Mercedes Museum.  It explains some of the history of the company and, of course, displays many automobiles.

Opening Times and Fees:

Tu-Su   9:00am-5:00pm

Entrance is free.



Take the train from Bondorf heading towards Stuttgart.  If you catch the train on the half hour (they run on weekdays only), you will need to change to the S1 train in Herrenberg.  If you catch the train on the hour, you have the choice of changing to the S1 in Herrenberg (track (gleis) 2), Böblingen (track 2) or the main train station in Stuttgart (Hauptbahnhof), although changing in one of the first two is probably easier.  You want to take the S1 that is marked as going to Plochingen.

Get off at the Gottleib-Daimler-Station stop.  This will be the second stop after the Hauptbahnhof.

Walk under and along the elevated highway to the plant gate.  Walk back under the highway to the plant tour bus stop on the corner to your left.  A shuttle bus will pick you up and take you to the museum.

Return on the S1 marked as going to Herrenberg.  If you reach Herrenberg about a quarter till the hour, go to track 4 and catch the regional train going to Rottweil or Singen.  If you reach Herrenberg about a quarter after the hour, go to track 101 and catch the regional train to Horb.  The latter train does not run on weekends.  You’ll either have to wait half an hour, or take a cab to Bondorf from the Herrenberg train station.

Note:  The train information listed above is correct about 90% of the time. However, at some times of the day, a train doesn’t run, or leaves from a different track.  It is always best to check the departure schedules located on the train platform.