Wurmlingen Chapel:  2 Hours

The Wurmlingen Chapel (Wurmlinger Kapelle) is a small chapel perched on a hilltop about a 15 minute drive from Bondorf.  The chapel itself cannot be visited, but the walk up the hill through vineyards and orchards is very pleasant.  The view from the top is also quite nice.


Map 1

Map 2

Go straight through the Bondorf traffic circle in the direction to Seebronn.

About 1km after Seebronn, turn left in the direction to Wendelsheim and Wurmlingen.

You will be on a narrow winding road.  Follow the signs through Wendelsheim to Wurmlingen.

Follow the signs to Hirschau through Wurmlingen.  Note, once you get into Wurmlingen, the main road will first turn left (north) and a block or two later you will reach an intersection when the main road turns right.  You want to turn right here even though there are no signs pointing to Hirschau.  The parking lot for visits to the chapel will be on the eastern end of Wurmlingen on your left.

The path (road) to the chapel starts at the far end of the parking lot.