After we moved into our house in Bondorf and did some initial decorating, we found that we had a large empty wall in our living room.  We decided to buy five frames with black mats and display groups of our photos taken while living in Europe.  We chose our favorite photos and grouped them into themes.

Click on the pictures below to see our photo groups.  The groups are arranged in reverse order of their appearance on our walls.  The first set of photos is what’s currently on display.

When you are viewing a photo grouping, you can click on an individual photo to see a larger version of the picture and a little information about the photo.

Umbrellas in a Toy Store Window
Colorful Things
Collections of colorful objects.
Laura and Ian Laying in the Ocean
Laura and Ian
Laura and Ian Eberly, our niece and nephew, came to visit for four weeks in July, 2005.  We honored their visit with photos taken on the beach at South Padre Island the previous winter.
Tobias and Dick
Pictures featuring some of our friends and family.
Fall Apples
Autumn in Bondorf
Photos hinting at some of the flavors of autumn around Bondorf.
Stuttgart Art Museum at Dusk
Interesting photos of some of the buildings we’ve seen on our travels.
Narren Women in Red
Carnival is celebrated in Germany as it is in many other parts of the world.  In New Orleans, it is known as Mardi Gras; here in southern Germany, it is known as Fasching or Fastnach.  Most of the towns in the area have parades featuring traditional costumed figures known as "Narren" - in English, "fools".