Ludwigsburg:  Full Day

The Stuttgart suburb of Ludwigsburg is home to three palaces of former Würtemberg rulers.  The most spectacular is the Residence Palace (Residenzschloss), inspired by Versailles.  Daily 1½ hour tours in English are given that cover 75 of the 450 rooms in the palace.  Also in the palace is a porcelain factory that has been producing porcelain products since 1758.

The grounds of the palace have been turned into the spectacular Baroque in Bloom (Blühendes Barock) gardens.  See the playground of the aristocracy, including a dungeon tower and 200 year old amusement park rides.  There is also a special fairytale garden for kids.  There are cafes in the palace and in the gardens.  Just north of the Residenzschloss is the smaller Favorite palace.  Further away and east of the city is the third palace Seeschloss Monropos, a hunting lodge situated on a lake.

Tip:  You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so plan a couple of breaks in the cafes.  If you think you’ll be visiting the gardens and both the Residence and Favorite palaces, buy the “Kombi” ticket for about €13.  Otherwise, it’s cheaper to buy tickets individually.  Plan to arrive well before the palace tour and tour the gardens.  After the tour, take a break and then revisit the gardens or stroll over to the Favorite palace.

The central area of Ludwigsburg is also quite nice.  Cross the main road from the palace and head for the church steeples.  You should find the large central square, flanked on either side by a church.

More information is available at the palace and city websites.

Opening Times and Fees:
  Mid Mar-1st week of Nov Nov-Mid Mar Entrance
Residenzschloss Tours
  75 min. (English)
Daily 1:30pm
Sa-Su 11:00am and 3:15pm
Schloss Favorite Tours
  20 min. (German only)
Daily from 10:00am-12:30pm
and 1:30pm-5:00pm
Blühendes Barock Daily from 7:30am-8:30pm Closed €7

Map 1


Get on the A81 heading in the direction toward Stuttgart at the Herrenberg entrance.

Map 2

North of Böblingen, the A81 will merge with the A8.  Exit right off of the A81, but stay in the left lanes following the signs to Karlsruhe.

After about 10km the A81 will split off again.  Follow the signs to Heilbronn.  You will go through a long tunnel shortly after exiting from the A8.

Take the Ludwigsburg Süd exit and follow the main road into town.

Map 3

Stay in the right hand lane.  Just after passing the center of town, the lanes will split.  The right lane will go up and intersect with the main north/south highway through town.  The left lane will go under it.  At the intersection, take a left onto the B27.

The palace will be a few blocks on your right.  There is a convenient parking lot just before you reach the palace grounds.