One of the first questions that people ask when they come to visit, is "What kind of interesting places are there to visit in the Bondorf area?".  So we’ve started writing down some of our more enjoyable trips in the area and publishing them as touring guides.  The index below represents our current repository of local tour guides.

The first two entries aren’t really tours, but are instead information about getting to and from our home.  The rest are the actual tours, arranged from shortest to longest.  Click on the title in the box at the left to see information for that tour.

Directions to our house in Bondorf.
Information about getting around using public transportation.
The Wurmlingen Chapel is a small chapel perched on a hilltop about a 15 minute drive from Bondorf.  A pleasant walk and a nice view.
2 Hours
A small museum in the secret tunnel laboratory where Germany did its nuclear research during World War II.
A fairyland castle perched on the top of a hill.  Similar to Neuschwanstein, but smaller, less crowded and more lived in.
½ Day
A small fossil museum created by a cement company.  A highlight is the rock pit where you can hunt for your own fossils.
Daimler-Chrysler’s museum of all things Mercedes related.  It explains some of the history of the company and, of course, displays many automobiles.
½ Day
A small village in the Northern Black Forest.  A small castle ruins and, in the spring, fields of purple crocus.
New Jul 22
Jul 22
A walled city southwest of Stuttgart.  Walls, gates and turrets.  Also the birthplace of scientist Johannes Kepler and a center of Fastnacht (Carnival) activity.
½ to ¾ Day
A city straddling the Danube River.  Climb the world’s tallest cathedral tower and explore the city of Einstein’s birth.
New Sep 18
Sep 18
¾ to Full Day
A drive through the Schwäbische Alb jura. Highlights include beautiful Baroque churchs, a stream flowing from a pure blue spring and a fairy-tale castle.
Full Day
Tour the Versailles inspired palace of the former rulers of Württemburg.  Then stroll through the palace grounds, now a splendid garden, and check out the playground of the royalty.
Full Day
Explore an island paradise in central Europe’s largest lake.  Stroll through the many gardens on the island and stop for a coffee in the castle’s palm house.
Full Day
Drive through the world renown Black Forest.  Cuckoo clocks, quaint hillside farms and mountain vistas.
Long Day
Tour around and across the largest lake in central Europe.  See the Zeppelin Museum and the largest waterfall in Europe.